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We can achieve a lot more together than we can alone. That’s why teams are at the heart of the World Partnership Walk. Each team has a unique story and motivation that drives them to fight global poverty. For some, it is a great way to mobilize their friends and family to put their global citizenship into action. For others it is a fun opportunity to engage colleagues or classmates in a cause that is close to their hearts. Creating or joining a team is also a fantastic way to expand your social and professional networks, be a community leader, and contribute to positive global change.


Whatever the motivation, teams are an enjoyable and inspiring way to work together and make positive global change possible. Ready, set, start a team!


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    Tots & Tykes Teams

    Teach your kids about teamwork and the importance of helping others.

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    School Teams

    Put your global citizenship into action, engage your school friends, and earn volunteer hours.

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    University & College Teams

    Contribute to positive global change and show future employers your leadership and teambuilding skills.

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    Friends and Family Teams

    Make your mark as a community leader and spend quality time with friends and family by working as a team

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    Workplace Teams

    Demonstrate your leadership, organizational skills, drive for results, and commitment to a caring corporate culture.

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