Walk in Your Community

Walk in Your Community


Why Walk In Your Community?

We realize logistically, it is not always convenient or possible to attend one of the ten organized walks across the country. Community Walks give every Canadian the opportunity to host their own Walk. If you have been travelling to your nearest official World Partnership Walk but would like to have one closer to home – this is your chance to step forward and make an impact in your direct community and in the world.


By supporting the World Partnership Walk you are demonstrating what it means to be a Canadian. It’s a rewarding way to lead by example through our values of peace, prosperity and equality for all. In today’s global climate, the world needs the leadership of Canadians now more than ever.


How To Host a Community Walk

The below guide and toolkit have been created to assist you in your Walk planning and fundraising endeavors. Inside you will find tips and tools to get you started with help from AKFC along the way.



Your Impact

Every dollar we raise together brings hope to people and communities who need it the most. Donations made to World Partnership Walk support Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s programs in Africa and Asia – initiatives that enable women and men to lift themselves and their children out of poverty, creating strong, vibrant communities able to lead their own development.


Community Walks